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Wisdom Teeth

Nearly all of us develop wisdom teeth and wish we didn’t. Most of us have them on each side of our mouth, upper and lower. Strictly speaking, they are our third set of molars. They’re called “wisdom teeth” because they are so late in erupting out of the jaw – much later than all other teeth in the mouth, arriving in the late teens to early 20s.

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Meet Dr. Wong, General Dentist

Dr. Dick Wong believes the best health outcomes are achieved because of “prevention and improving patients’ knowledge.” One of his favourite aspects of his profession is meeting people and helping them achieve optimal dental health. Dr. Wong considers himself lucky to work with a fantastic team that works in harmony.

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Dr. Mandeep Toor’s health care philosophy is to provide evidence-based, quality dentistry with a patient-centred approach. She loves getting to know patients just as much as helping them achieve a lifetime of excellent oral health. Dr. M. Toor recognizes the importance of preventive dental care and ensuring each patient experience is a positive one. She’s grateful to work with a great team committed to providing patients memorable appointments. Dr. M. Toor has been practising dentistry in the Lower Mainland for the past 5 years and she's happy to be able to help her neighbours in our community.

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Dr. Sandeep Toor enjoys interacting with patients and contributing to their smile and overall health. She puts prevention at the top of her priority list. She believes in the importance of communicating with and caring for the dental needs of all patients in order to maintain and improve oral health. She has been practising for 5 years and is committed to making her patients' experience in the dental chair comfortable. She worked in central BC, in Salmon Arm, before relocating to the Lower Mainland.

Meet Dr. Karen Henderson, General Dentist

Meet Dr. Karen Henderson, General Dentist
As a general dentist, Dr. Karen Henderson believes it’s of the utmost importance to treat patients with care and respect. She provides a wide range of dentistry, including dentures and Invisalign orthodontic treatment. She’s adamant about staying current with the continually evolving field of dentistry.
Meet Dr. Karen Henderson, General Dentist

Wisdom Teeth Removal At Your Dentist In Langley

Wisdom teeth begin to form at around age nine and completely mature by 18-21 years old. Usually, by our late teens, the jawbone has reached its adult size. This is where the problems begin as the jaw often isn’t big enough to hold the wall of our developed teeth. As a result, when wisdom teeth start to erupt, the space is too limited, and wisdom teeth can find themselves in several predicaments.
Simply put, when wisdom teeth try to erupt into the mouth when there is no room for them, they put pressure on existing already-erupted teeth. This can cause great discomfort or pain. Sometimes wisdom teeth are positioned sideways and push on the roots of your back molars. Sometimes they make other teeth shift – definitely what you don’t want to have happen, especially if you already had orthodontic treatment. Despite the reason these teeth don’t come into place correctly, we call them “impacted.”

Complications Of Wisdom Teeth Emerge When They Become…

  • Trapped – Sometimes, wisdom teeth become trapped in the jawbone below the gumline. When it happens, aching and pain will occur. You cannot diagnose this yourself as the positioning of the wisdom teeth can only be seen with the aid of x-rays.
  • Sideways – This is when the wisdom tooth wants to erupt, but it’s positioned to grow sideways and push forward against the second molar. Again, great discomfort and pain. This can cause other teeth to give way and shift position, possibly disrupting the alignment of all your teeth, not just the ones at the back of your mouth.
  • Partially erupted – The tooth’s crown may only partially break through the gum, as it can be held back by the already-in-place second molars. Often, the molar may not put pressure on its neighbors. But it is very difficult to clean and impossible to floss, leaving it susceptible to serious decay and infection further down the road.
  • Misplaced – A wisdom tooth may remain in the bone with misshapen or misplaced roots that can grow dangerously close to a sinus cavity.