Smile More With Dental Veneers!

The truth is that most of our teeth acquire stains, chips, breaks, and cracks over our lifetime. In addition, some of us have always been dissatisfied with the shape of our teeth, or some permanent discoloration, or maybe even fillings that are showing their age.

Did you know that most of those flaws can be masked by dental veneers?

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are very thin, but strong, shells that are permanently bonded to the front surface of teeth. Usually made of porcelain, dental veneers provide a natural-looking, beautiful new surface. That’s because dental porcelain, like natural tooth enamel, is translucent and can be matched to the color of adjacent teeth.

Natural looking and highly resistant to permanent discoloration from coffee, tea, red wine, or tobacco, your smile will have a healthy, natural look!

The glamorous history of veneers…

It was Dr. Charles Pincus, a dentist for the stars in the 1920s, who came up with the concept. Many of his patients needed a brighter smile for their acting roles. So, in 1928, he was able to give them what they wanted with the invention of the veneer. He placed an acrylic material to the front of the tooth, which was temporarily held in place with a unique adhesive. Celebs – like Shirley Temple – would only wear them for the camera and take them off after their shoot was complete.

How versatile are veneers?

As your dentist in Langley, we can use veneers to help improve or eliminate the following:

  • Color. Your teeth can become stained by food and drink, smoking, and even normal aging. Available in numerous natural tooth-color shades, you can choose from the most natural-looking enamel color to the brightest white of Hollywood stars. (if you’re curious as to who in Hollywood is rocking a set of veneers, just do a quick Google search and you’ll find many of them!)

We will work with you to get you the desired shade you want. After all, you want your dental veneers to blend in with the rest of your smile, so they don’t stand out like a sore thumb! We can match them so closely, no one will even know you’ve had work done. We want you to be happy with the outcome and proud to share it.  

  • Size & Shape. Your teeth may not have the ideal shape or size. For example, some people consider rounder teeth more feminine and square teeth more masculine. We can shape and size the veneers to flatter your face and smile.

We’ll help you determine what’s best for you. And that means asking the right questions to find exactly what kind of look it is that you’re going for. There dozens of options – in the end, the choice is completely yours!

  • Alignment & Spacing. Close gaps and straighten teeth without braces! Small gaps between teeth can be covered and slight corrections in alignment can be made while improving tooth color and shape.

In the dental world, a gap is also known as a diastema. It usually happens between the two upper front teeth. Madonna, for example, is a celeb who might come to mind. In her case, it was a feature that fans found cute and irresistible. But that doesn’t mean the same goes for you. You might feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about smiling because of that extra space between your teeth. Dental veneers are often the best option for these patients.