Dental Bonding Boosts Your Smile Strategy

Although Mother Nature does it best when it comes to teeth, a dental technique known as dental bonding is a close second! This treatment uses a special tooth-colored molding material bonded directly onto your teeth to rebuild damaged teeth or make cosmetic improvements to your smile.

The process is relatively inexpensive and is so natural looking, only we will know the difference! Best of all, a tooth can be bonded during a single visit to our office, and without anesthetic!

Whether or not dental bonding is a good choice for you depends on the size and the part of your tooth that needs to be treated.

  • Dental bonding can be a great alternative to silver amalgam fillings, especially where appearance is important. You can replace old stained fillings in your front teeth with tooth-colored bonded fillings.
  • We can build up a tooth that's too small and fill in spaces between teeth that are too far apart.
  • Bonding is also a perfect technique for fixing irregularly shaped teeth, for closing unsightly spaces between teeth, and to repair chips and fractures.
  • Particularly stubborn stains on teeth can be masked by dental bonding. They virtually disappear!

With proper home care, bonded teeth can look as good as new for years before they need to be touched up.

Do you make a stellar first impression?

It’s hard to pin down exactly what first impressions are made of. It could be the way a person dresses, speaks, or a barely noticeable mannerism. Teeth also have a lot to do with the way people judge us and form opinions about our character.

Studies have shown, for example, that the amount of tooth you show when you smile has a great impact on how old you look. In a more youthful smile, the front teeth are longer and help create a line that comes slightly downward in the middle and up at the corners. In an older smile the front teeth are worn, so the teeth appear straight across. Chips, discoloration, and stains can also age a smile.

Thanks to modern dentistry, bonding can turn back the clock on your smile. Our patients at Forest Hills Dental Centre find bonding is an effective and lasting way to improve their smile by closing small spaces, masking stains, hiding chips and fractures, and even make a smile look more feminine or masculine.

Listen up men… Traditionally, you have been more likely than women to ignore your oral health. An Academy of General Dentistry survey found that 34% of men aged 30-54, and 56% of males aged 55-90 have gum disease. And gum disease is not something anyone wants to develop! It can lead to more serious health problems, including diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. This tendency toward dental neglect may be disappearing as more men are returning to the dentist’s office because of … surprise! … an increased interest in their appearance! In addition, three out of four individuals believe that an unattractive smile can hinder careers. Improving your smile power is an excellent reason to make dental visits a regular thing.

Enhance Your Smile with Dental Bonding in Langley

Dental bonding is the perfect choice for protecting your smile. At Forest Hills Dental Centre, we offer dental bonding services to help you repair your teeth and give yourself a smile you deserve. Our dental bonding services are personalized to your unique smile for superior strength and health. To learn more about our cosmetic teeth bonding, call our team today at (604) 373-1468.